One Piece Card Game Start Uta Red Film Deck


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Language: Japanese
Second admission present for the "ONE PIECE FILM RED" animated film, "ONE PIECE Card Game Tutorial Deck," limited to 500,000 packs of "ONE PIECE Card Game" nationwide.

The "ONE PIECE Card Game" is a popular card game in which both the starting deck and booster packs were sold out at a number of stores immediately after their release. The limited edition "ONE PIECE Card Game Tutorial Deck," which will be given as an admission present, has Uta printed on the package, drawn by the original author Eiichiro Oda, and includes cards featuring the visuals from the movie version, including Luffy, Uta, Shanks, and Ben Beckman, who was drawn by the illustrator. The cards include a total of 15 different characters from the theatrical version, including Luffy, Uta, Shanks, and illustrator-drawn Ben Beckman.

No additional cards are required and the game can be played immediately with one deck, but it can also be used in combination with other cards sold in the market. Uta's leader card is a powerful card that works well with the high firepower of Shanks and the mobility of Luffy.

ONE PIECE FILM RED," for which the original author Oda serves as general producer, features the world's most beloved singer Uta as the key character in the story, and the story revolves around the shocking fact that she is the daughter of the red-haired Shanks.
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