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Macross PLAMAX MF-45 VF-1 Fighter Valkyrie


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This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

"Macross: Do You Remember Love?" gifts us with a 1/20th scale (713mm x 719mm) plastic model kit of the VF-1 Valkyrie in Fighter mode! The design has been modeled with ease of assembly in consideration, allowing basically anyone to recreate the VF-1. Each part of the kit features an innovative design making it easy to assemble fast, while maintaining the details of each area.

The figure seated in the cockpit, wearing Hikaru Ichijyo's suit, features the high quality sculpting and colors you've come to expect from the minimum factory series, almost like a completed figure. The wings can be retracted just like in the original design. You can choose between A, J, or S types for the head portion protruding from the fuselage, and large stickers are included to recreate Hikaru Ichijyo's fighter. The parts come pre-fabricated in 5 different colors, so you can have a finished looking model just by assembling the pieces and affixing stickers.


Approx size: L 71.3cm x W 71.9cm x H 19.2cm

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