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Gundam Full Mechanics 1/100 Calamity Gundam


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  • Calamity Gundam
  • Plasma-Sabot Bazooka
  • Anti-beam Shield/Ram Cannon
  • Right index-to-pinky trigger-finger
  • Action Base adapter

Kit Features & Gimmicks


  • The head can swivel on a ball-and-socket joint, or pivot backwards on a hinge joint.
  • The torso can tilt frontwards/backwards or sideways.
  • Shoulder joints can raise upwards or pull out to swing frontward/for additional arm articulation.
  • The arms can...
    • Swing on a rod joint.
    • Raise horizontally.
  • The shoulder armors and its thrusters can pivot to avoid interference with the horizontal arm articulation.
  • The upper elbows can turn.
  • Both the elbow and knee feature double-jointed parts.
  • The waist can rotate.
  • Front and side skirt armors are poseable to avoid interference with the leg articulation.
  • The hip joint axis can swing frontward/backwards.
  • The upper thigh joints can raise horizontally and/or rotate on each piece.
  • The ankles can tilt/pivot.
  • The lower legs' rear thrusters can pivot.
  • The cannons can rotate/pivot.

Weapons/Other Gimmicks:

  • The index-to-pinky fingers are removable, with the right hand being swappable due to the extra piece.
  • The Plasma-Sabot Bazooka must be wielded by the said finger.
  • Anti-beam Shield/Ram Cannon's grip can slide frontwards/backward, and it can be flipped out for the left manipulator to wield.
    • The cannon muzzles can flip up or down.
  • Calamity Gundam can mount onto the Action Bases (1 and 4 recommended) via an adapter.
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