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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Dawn of the Z-Legends Starter Deck (SD19) - Green Fusion


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The Defining New Mechanic of the Zenkai Series!

Power up your awakened Leader even further, play incredible new Battle Cards at any time, and experience a rush of newfound power!

 Set content:

  • Deck Cards x51
  • Z-Card x1
  • Play Sheet x1
  • Rule Manual x1
  • ZENKAI Start Pack ×1

Each starter deck has 5 exclusive card types. The Leader card and Z Card are in a stunning textured silver foil (SD18-01, SD18-02). 3 more starter exclusive are in silver foil (SD18-03, SD18-04, SD18-05). 1 card from 4 types is also randomly inserted in a ZENKAI Start Pack. 

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