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Digimon Anime Heroes Omegamon


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  • Recreate some of the most memorable moments from the show or create new ones with these iconic Digimon: WarGreymon, Omegamon, and Beelzemon.
  • Your very own Digimon - Imagine having your own Digimon to play with and recreate your favorite moments from the show! Omegamon is a Holy Knight Digimon that comes equipped with a sword and shield on its WarGreymon shaped left arm. You can take him home with you in this 6.5” action figure that is perfect to play with, or to display alongside your Digimon collection.
  • Impressive likeness – Each figure comes with detailed sculpt and true to show features that Anime Heroes is known for. Omegamon is a multi-type warrior and the fusion of WarGreymon and Metal Garurumon, which gives this action figure a truly unique look and makes him an iconic character in the show.
  • Features - 16+ points of articulation and character specific accessories make these figures a must have for kids and collectors of all ages.
  • Manga Inspired packaging – Each Anime Heroes line has manga inspired packaging and beautiful artwork on the front featuring the characters you know and love.

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