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Spy×Family Booster Box Weiss Schwarz (Japanese)


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 1 Box contains 16 Packs 1 Carton contains 18 Boxes

  • 1 Box = 16 Packs / 1 Pack = 9 Cards
  • Limited Availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos

The popular TV anime "SPY x FAMILY", will appear in Weiss Schwarz!
You can play with not only the collection but also the trial deck cards!

9 newly drawn illustrations included:
- Lloyd Forger 2 types / Anya Forger 2 types / Yol Forger 2 types / Sylvia Sherwood / Becky Blackbell / Fiona Frost
- The newly drawn illustration is now available on the Weiss Schwarz official website!

The winning card includes a card with a foil stamping design!
- In addition to SEC (secret) and SP (special), the foil-stamped design card includes a special rarity SPYR (spy rare) only for SPY x FAMILY!

Neo-standard construction category:
- You can build with the card number starting with [SPY/].

* Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of items in one box.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Trial Deck / Booster MIGHT or MIGHT NOT come with promotional items. Should there be promotional items, any late order after pre-orders date WILL NOT HAVE ANY promotional items. 

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