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Saint Seiya Cloth Myth SCM EX Aquarius Camus <Revival Ver.>


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Saint Cloth Myth EX Aquarius Camus is now available in a revival version!

--Aquarius Camus, the golden saint of Aquarius, is back in Saint Cloth Myth EX! Newly modeled anime version peach parts. Also included is the familiar [Sacred Cloth Disassembly and Installation] in the revival version of the EX series.

--Kignus Glacier Master, Gold Saint [Aquarius Camus] is revived in Saint Cloth Myth EX!
-Comes with a newly modeled animated version of peach parts, allowing you to reproduce 2 patterns of sacred clothing!
--The sacred clothing can be recombined into an object form.
――With the wide range of motion unique to the EX field, various poses such as [Aurora Execution] and [Freezing Coffin] are decided!
-In addition to the normal face, 4 types of facial expressions are included, allowing you to recreate various scenes. Corresponds to various scenes such as [closed eyes], [screaming], [looking down], and [illusion by Rumna Des Casa].

[set content]
・ Main body
・ A set of sacred clothes
・ A set of object frames
・ 4 types of facial expression parts for replacement
・ A set of replacement hair parts
・ Replacement wrist left and right 6 types each
・ Aurora Execution Wrist
・ Cloak

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