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One Piece Figuarts Zero [Extra Battle] Shanks & Uta One Piece Film Red Ver


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Approx height : 24cm.

From the latest movie version [ONE PIECE FILM RED], Shanks and Uta appear as one figure!

In commemoration of the release of [ONE PIECE FILM RED], Shanks and Uta are now available as one figure! Reproduce the overwhelming presence of Shanks and Uta, whose heart-rending singing voice echoes throughout the world. Also pay attention to the vignette-style pedestal with the motif of ``Music Island Elesia'', which is the stage of this work!

The pedestal features a mysterious color that represents the shining green crystal that was impressive in the play and the `World of Utauta`. The two people, who are placed back to back, can be enjoyed from anywhere in 360 degrees, which is unique to the two-body set.

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