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Gundam Metal Composite Char Aznable's Zaku I (1023)


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This is a posable action figure of an item from the Gundam universe.

From the GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE line by Bandai, the second half of the "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN" series is making an entrance with the MS-05S Zaku I - piloted by Char Aznable! A newly sculpted head, body and legs, and a new machine gun for MS (belt feeding type) is also included! Die-cast parts are utilize to give the Zaku I an immense sense of weight and realistic texture, along with the impressive articulation. The cockpit hatch opens and closes, with the interior being created in full detail.

Approx Height: 18cm

Set Contents
・Main body
・Replacement wrist left and right 4 types
・Machine gun for MS
・MS machine gun (belt feed type)
・MS machine gun magazine (drum magazine) x 2
・Bazooka A type for MS
・MS bazooka type A spare magazine x 2
・Bazooka A type replacement parts for MS
・Bazooka latch parts left and right
・Heat hawk (long)
・Heat hawk (short)
・MS machine gun (belt feed type)
・Exclusive pedestal

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