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FLABSLAB x Quiccs x Danil Yad: Ghost of Kurosawa (Metal Genesis)

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FLABSLAB x Quiccs x Danil Yad
Edition Size 99
Cold-Cast Bronze
Height 34cm 
Weight: 2.8kg 

Ghost of Kurosawa (Metal Genesis) is an original design by Quiccs x FLABSLAB and sculpted by Danil Yad.

Ghost of Kurosawa is among Quiccs’ earliest characters in the Bulletpunk universe, one of the ace leaders of the Bulletpunk Death Squad.  

The mad men, who are sane in the now mad world, campaign their peoples' claim to their right to exist. And from these men manifests one enigmatic ruthless messenger of Akira's unearthed doctrines of insurrection and vengeance, the man known only as... the Ghost of Kurosawa!

Ghost of Kurosawa is inspired by and a tribute to legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, the renown filmmaker regarded as one of the most influential in cinema history. Kurosawa's iconic films include Rashomon (1950), famous for its unique plot device and shooting directly at the sun, a first for the industry at that time; Seven Samurai (1954) inspired many Hollywood films; and Hidden Fortress (1958), which immensely inspired and influenced George Lucas and the Star Wars series.



Juanito Maiquez, aka Quiccs, is a Filipino artist, toy designer and the first Filipino Creator for Adidas. Among regional and international accolades, he is a three-peat winner of New York's Designer Toy Awards (DTA) Artist of the Year from 2018 to 2020. The self-taught artist is known for fusing Japanese robot anime shows, graffiti art and hip-hop culture. He is also the creator of the characters TEQ63 and his Bulletpunk Death Squad, and the Bulletpunk universe, which have been translated into toys, illustrations, T-shirts and other merchandise.

Danil Yad Yarmin is a Russian digital sculptor, recognised for his AUTHORS series where he pays homage to his personal heroes. The project features artists, designers, writers, scientists etc as vinyl figures. Hideo Kojima of Kojima Productions, designer of the award-winning action game, Death Stranding, was the first figure. Recent characters include Formula 1 champions and Li Ning, the Chinese Olympic champion.

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