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FLABSLAB x GoodGuysNeverWin: VR Man (FLABSLAB Edition)

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FLABSLAB x GoodGuysNeverWin
Edition Size 20
Resin Cast
Height 9.5cm

VR Man is the alter ego of computer engineer Alex Foo (played by James Lye). After a nearly fatal accident, Alex discovers that he has acquired superhuman powers which he later calls 'Virping': Virtual Reality Projection.

His superhero alias 'VR Man' is coined (rather hastily) in Episode 2, after he saves his love interest Kristal Kong (Michelle Gogh).His sidekick is Bee Bee (played by Lisa Ang), Alex's friend of fifteen years, who is secretly in love with him. The antagonist of the show is the bio-genetic engineer Peter Chan/Click Click Man (Mark Richmond), whom Alex suspects is responsible for him acquiring superhuman powers in the first place. In fact Click Click Man is the one who gave Alex his powers via an experimental procedure that killed all of its previous test subjects, but the project is shut down when Click Click Man is unable to prove that one of his subjects survived.

"Presenting VR MAN! Singapore's first TV superhero from the 1990s,Β the superhero that we need but don't deserve. If you know who he is, you'll probably be old enough to have witnessed the dark ages of Singapore TV. (Still dark btw)

Sculpted and produced by the bad guys at GGNW aka GoodGuysNeverWin from Indonesia. This is the FLABSLAB edition of VR MAN done in our favorite black gold combo." - FLABSLAB


From "cute-looking-war-machines" to controversial 3.75 inch figurines of Indonesia's most notorious historical characters, GoodGuysNeverWin (GGNW) stands at the edge of new age toy design and refuses to give in to the mundane and basic.

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