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FLABSLAB x Clifford Wong: Nigo Had It (Singapore Electric Edition)

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FLABSLAB x Clifford Wong
Unique Custom Piece
Resin Cast, Hand-Painted
Bench with Figure: Width 38cm, Depth 17cm, Height 17cm 
Packaged in a wooden box (Width 51cm, Depth 25cm, Height 36cm)

This inked edition of FLABSLAB's "Nigo Had It" is an exclusive, unique custom piece produced in collaboration with Clifford Wong. Wong designed and hand-painted the custom theme in celebration of the Year of the Tiger, 2022, on "Nigo Had It (Mono)". 


FLABSLAB's "Nigo Had It" was inspired by Nigo's ensemble piece, "Jean Prouvé Marcoule Bench with Astro Boy Sculpture", sold for HKD1.3 million (USD165,000) at Sotheby's 2014 auction and exhibition, NIGO® Only Lives Twice. It was among the 250 items of rare jewelry, furniture, accessories and artwork from the extensive private collection of Nigo, the Japanese fashion designer, DJ, record producer and founder of A Bathing Ape (BAPE).

"We saw this as the example of Nigo's brilliance, of being able to put things together and creating something new. The Astro Boy without the Jean Prouvé Marcoule bench would just have been Astro Boy. Putting the two together as one piece gave it a new meaning. We figured that since we'll never be able to own the original, we might as well make a smaller version to make a statement about what the man used to have but had to sell almost everything he owned." - FLABSLAB



Clifford Wong, from Singapore Electric by Gimmelovetattoo, is a rising Singapore tattoo artist in the local and international scenes. His designs are unique and modern, whilst still staying true to the bold nature of blackwork tattoos. He has a strong Instagram following, often placed on best tattoo artists lists and has also guest spotted in Belgium and Amsterdam.

"Tattooing is something I've always liked. My style is mostly black work, leaning towards line work and dot work with a little oriental influence. Fantasy movies and old movies inspire me." - Wong, TimeOut 

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