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Bikkura Tamago Pokemon Eevee Friends Figure Collection


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From Bandai's Bikkura Tamago series comes the Eeveelutions from "Pokemon"!

There are 9 types in all, including Eevee, along with Vaporeon, Flareon, and more of the popular evolutions, each randomly packed inside a Poke Ball shaped bath bomb for you to use in water to reveal which one you've caught! Order for your chance to get your favorite, or try to collect them all!


  • 1) Eevee
  • 2) Vaporeon
  • 3) Jolteon
  • 4) Flareon
  • 5) Espeon
  • 6) Umbreon
  • 7) Leafeon
  • 8) Glaceon
  • 9) Sylveon

Bath additives: Bath bomb, camomile scented, yellow color

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