PO Delivery

Q: What delivery options do I have for my allocated pre-orders?

A: You may opt for self-pickup at our store or shipping. 
Self-pickup is free, while $5 will be chargeable for standard residential shipping. If you are a shipping a case, $10 per case will be chargeable.

Q: When do I choose my preferred delivery for my pre-orders?

A: You may indicate your preference when you receive the allocation email. 

Q: Can you ship my pre-order from XM Studios/ Iron Studios?

A: We strongly encourage self-collection for pre-orders for XM Studios and Irons Studios products due to the size and delicate nature. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We only ship within Singapore at the moment. If you are located overseas but managed to secure a delivery/ forwarding service* with a Singapore address that we can deliver to, we will be able to keep your pre-order. Otherwise, we will have to cancel and refund your order.
For pre-orders that are successfully allocated to you, in the event you are not able to collect in Singapore or provide a Singapore address for delivery after all, we will not be able to arrange for international shipping on your behalf and reserve the right to cancel your allocation.

*Note: As this is a third-party service not in our affiliation, the customer and the service will be responsible for all cost/ packing/ management etc of the international delivery. Our responsibility will be up to the point of handover within Singapore. We are not liable for damages/ issues that occur thereafter.