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Product Specifications- Height: about 140mm- Material: PVC, ABS Set Contents- Body- Alternative expression part x3- Alternative hand part (left/right) x4 each..
$50.00 SGD
Ex Tax:$50.00 SGD
Tamashii Web Shop-limited item Product Specifications- Height: about 165mm- Material: ABS, PVC Set Contents- Body- 4 types of replacement left wrist, 5 types of replacement right wrist- Three types of facial expression parts for replacement- Replacement breast parts- Waist armor for pocket..
$128.00 SGD
Ex Tax:$128.00 SGD
Price is for 1 piece. Choose from the following: 1. Omegamon 2. Lilymon 3. Zudomon..
$18.00 SGD
Ex Tax:$18.00 SGD
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